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* we have two t-shirt designs ( El Camino and Palms) in both men's and women's styles. Click here to see the T - designs *

* pre-ordered DVD's will be shipped on April 15th, 2013! DVD is approx 30 mins.* 

* VIP ticket to our premiere gets you a premo seat and a special treat when you get to the theatre! date TBA (early April 2013)*

 * Our Surf session with a Pro gets you a surf session with a Pro surfer from Good Morning Miyazaki on a day with good swell that suits your schedule and a customized DVD of the session cut by DBFilm! *

*We have a variety of options for Business' - Please Call Miyuki at 080 4280 1489 or email her at to find out more!




























**DVD's wll go on sale in Mid-April, but if you pre-order one now youll get your name on the film!**